Download the intake/consent forms for your counselor below. Click the type of document you need and fill it out to bring to your first appointment. If a form is not available please contact our receptionists. If you are not able to download the forms please come 15 minutes early to complete them. Please read the Information and Privacy Practices document. We need a signed copy of that before your first session. If a disclosure form is listed with your therapist please read and sign that as well. Disclosure forms contain descriptions of your rights, more information about your therapist and details about counseling. We are required to have your signed consent before we can begin work together. 

Group Forms

Information and Privacy Practices | Missed Appt Policy

Megan Baron, MACC

Adult | Minor | Marital | Disclosure

Steven Clemons, Jr., MAMFC

Adult | Minor | Family | Disclosure

Amanda Cherry, MA

Adult | Family | Disclosure

Bryan Franklin, MACC

Adult | Minor | Family | Disclosure

Kristina Franklin, MACC

Adult | Minor | Marital | Disclosure

Michelle Hurlbert, MA

Adult | Minor | Family | Disclosure

Barbara Givens, MA

Adult | Family

Rhoda Keefer, MA

Adult | Minor | Family | Disclosu

Donna Kanipe, MACC

Adult |Minor | Family | Disclosure

Kate Leggett, MA

Adult | Minor | Marital | Disclosure 

Chad Kraska, PsyD

Adult | Minor | Marital  | Adult Testing | Child Testing | Teen Testing

Linda McGrew, MA

Adult | Marital  

Chris McCarthy, PhD

Adult | Minor | Marital | Disclosure

Patti McMillan, MEd

Adult | Minor | Family  | Disclosure

Jennifer Parsons, MA

Adult | Minor | Family | Disclosure

Anna Seiple

Adult | Minor | Marital | Disclosure

Mike Prasse, MA

Adult | Teen | Marital 

Rachel Milbourn, LCSWA

Adult | Minor | Family | Disclosure