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Client satisfaction survey

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Name (optional)
How did we do? We welcome constructive feedback about your experience at Carolinas Counseling Group. The information you include will only be viewed by our staff. Your email or personal information will not be shared in any way. We cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information transmitted over the internet. This survey will be sent by email to Dr. Russ.
1. Did you feel heard, understood and respected?
2. We worked on and talked about what I wanted to work on and talk about.
3. The therapist’s approach is a good fit for me.
4. The therapist was a good fit for me.
5. Do you feel like your counseling goals will or are being met?
6. In the future would you come back to Carolinas Counseling Group for therapy?
7. Would you refer a friend to Carolinas Counseling Group?
8. Was the scheduling and check-in process clear and friendly?
9. Was the waiting room satisfactory?
10. Is the website clear and helpful?