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Sand Tray Therapy at a Glance

Sand is the ultimate form of expression- we are at the beach and we are immediately drawn to the sand beneath our toes- we draw in it, dig holes, build castles and more but why are we so drawn to it?

Sand tray therapy utilizes our natural desire to build and create in sand in an expressive, open-ended medium that encourages letting go and moving forward. When I was first introduced to sand tray therapy I was skeptical of its effects. What I quickly discovered is how naturally we are drawn to those very things that offer the most dramatic change in our lives.

If you are interested in an expressive form of recovery, sand tray therapy might be great for you! It is an opportunity to express without words, using metaphors, visuals and miniatures to process the events in our lives. Just think- this could be you! In only 45 minutes recovery begins.