Psychological assessments involve collecting and integrating data from various sources in order to provide information (typically a written summary) that will be useful for clients and others needing objective feedback about a client. These sources are typically various tests as well as information gained during the interview process. The purpose for assessments can be to determine/evaluate:

  • whether or not there is a specific issue that needs diagnosed (depression, ADHD, anxiety, etc.)

  • learning strengths and weaknesses

  • reasons for academic struggles

  • intelligence/giftedness

  • emotional or personality function/characteristics

  • avenues for personal growth, self-awareness

  • career planning and development

  • if there are other aspects of psychotherapy to explore or remove apparent roadblocks

  • goals for therapy

  • issues related to specialized needs such as pre-surgical evaluation, adoptions, aspects of vocational or academic evaluation, etc.

At Carolinas Counseling Group we offer assessments for children, adolescents, adults and couples. The process of the assessment will vary depending on the need. Sometimes it will only involve just an interview all the way to comprehensive batteries involving multiple tests and many hours. This would be determined during your initial call and/or your first meeting. With permission we may collaborate with other parties such as schools, physicians and therapists if that is needed.

For in-depth information on testing, results and benefits see Dr. Kraska’s information page here.

Below are some of the assessments available:


Prepare/Enrich Inventory (Pre-marital)

16PF Couples Inventory


MBTI Myers-Briggs/ Keirsey Temperament Sorter

16PF (Personality Profile using 16 Personality Factors)

Personality self portrait


NEBA Health - FDA approved assessment using brainwaves to diagnose ADHD

Copeland ADHD Symptom Inventory - Child & Adult

Brown ADHD Rating Scales

SNAP-IV (teacher and parent rating scale for ADHD)

BDI (Beck depression inventory)

BAI (Beck anxiety inventory)

SCL-90 R (Symptom checklist 90 revised)

MMPI-2 (Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory)

MMPI-2-rf (restructured form)

MCMI-III (Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory)

MACI (Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory)

MIPS-R (Millon Index of Personality Styles Revised)

TAT (Thematic Apperception test)


WISC-V (Wechsler intelligence scale for children)

WJ-III (Woodcock-Johnson tests of cognitive abilities - all ages)

WIAT-3 (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - Third Edition)


Strong Career Assessment Inventory

Self-Directed Search Career Inventory

CAI (Career Assessment Inventory)