About Us

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About Us

From the beginning, Carolinas Counseling Group has been committed to combining clinical expertise & current psychological research with the timeless wisdom of a Christian world-view. 

All of our therapists are fully licensed by the State of North Carolina and all our therapists are committed Christians. We combine professional excellence and personal integrity in all our staff. If you are looking for that rare place that is both psychologically current yet with deep mature roots then Carolinas Counseling Group is for you.

Although all of us are Christians, you need to know that we welcome any and all faith or non-religious perspectives as our patients. We can commit to you that we will do all we can to make you feel welcome and free from any pressure to believe like we do. It is our goal for you to feel  safe and free from critical judgment. Yet at the same time we want to convey our commitment to care for you and your loved ones within the framework of deep respect derived from our faith. 

We formed our corporation, Carolinas Counseling Group of Charlotte, Inc., in 2002. Prior to that we were part of a non-profit corporation. Even before that, we originated as part of ministry of a large local church all the way back into the early 1990s. Although we now operate within the strict guidelines of a clinical practice we desire to maintain our original values such as a focus on people first. For example, we have 4 administrators operating our front desk taking your calls because we believe that it is important to talk to a person when seeking help.